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Easy Inflation, Extended Comfort

We understands the value of hassle-free experiences. Our mattress comes with an extra electric battery pump, powered by 6 AA batteries, making inflation a breeze. Plus, with just a touch of a button, you can re-inflate after approximately 10 hours for uninterrupted comfort.

Damru™ - Travel Baby Air Bed

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Damru Travel Baby AirBed : Elevate Your Little One's Travel Comfort!

Transform travel for your baby with Damru's inflatable Airplane Mattress designed specifically for comfort of children 0 to 5 years age. Lightweight, portable, and crafted with durable materials, it provides a cozy haven on airplanes, trains, or picnics. Featuring side railings for safety and an extra electric battery pump, it's the perfect solution for hassle-free journeys.

Versatile for various settings, this mattress ensures your child's comfort wherever adventure takes you. Gift the joy of peaceful travels with Damru's innovative and comfortable Airplane Mattress.

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